Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What's the buzz with Night Owl X Records?

Time for another NOX Records update!

This time we have a lot of good news for you. Take Your Shot fanzine #4 has been out since about a month or so. The reception of this new issue (themed 'the PMA issue') has been awesome and this is really good because this issue was so overdue. It is nice to see the scene still out there giving a positive reception to your stuff.

You can get this new issue directly through us, or WAK Records, Rhythm Records, My Turn shows, etc. No plans for the next issue yet. Maybe in another 4 years? Hopefully sooner than that.

OK, so back to our NOX activities. We are currently preparing the one-off, single issue of the vegetarian straight edge publication In Defense Of... . This fanzine will contain interviews with various members from the Greek veg(etari)an straight edge scene, focusing on society related and activism issues. It contains quite a few radical opinions and makes for a very interesting read independent from whether you're straight edge or not! Stay tuned!

With some extra help from our friends, we also got these  nice little NOX badges done (see below). We'll be sending them along free with Take Your Shot issues everywhere, so make sure you get yours!

Current inspiration/playlist: Omega Impure, The First Step documentary, Nervous Breakdown, Chain Of Strength tribute album.

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