Sunday, 6 February 2011

January/February 2011 NOX Newsletter

So here I am again with another NOX update for the latest goings-on. You might think that the label has been kinda quiet, but that's soooo faraway from the truth, as we're only meticulously planning our next attack. All I can say for now is that NOX #002 will be print and not audio. The rest to be announced soon.

So January and February have seen My Turn playing a show in Italy and playing support for Vererea (Swedish legendary punksters). All good stuff. Italy was mad, perfect, an awesome experience. You can read My Turn's diary here. Such a blast to play hardcore in other countries, new people, seeing their scenes, getting a different slice of life. Just great! We did an Italian edition limited edition press for the EP, half of which we sold and half of which we gave away. The design was this:

Italian edition design #1
Italian edition design #2

Other than that, My Turn is slowing down just a little bit (taking a tiny brake, you might say) and regrouping for more shows from April onwards. Take Your Shot fanzine #4 is out this week, and a very special, one-off new print zine will be out right after by NOX. Don't forget to write us at takexyourxshot (at)

Thanks and enjoy life!

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