Thursday, 23 December 2010

Night Owl X: December 2010 Newsletter

Yo, yo, and yo again!

What's up people? As 2010 is reaching to an end, I will like to let you know about the latest NOX activities. I will also start this off by saying that even though I worked pretty hard this year within and outside hardcore (bands, zines, my 3 jobs, whatever), it has been one of the greatest years ever. I want to thank everyone for a lot of good support with Take Your Shot (my zine/blog), Night Owl X (this label, duh!), and My Turn (the band I play in).

So this is an update for NOX activities throughout December. Mainly I've been busy with My Turn who had a pretty productive month doing all kinds of band shit. We played a few shows, sold out the CD-R version of our demo, almost sold out our tapes and pretty much sold out all our T-shirts. Everyone in the band did their share and worked hard during December, and man, we did it all; we drove a lot, we froze our asses off, we yelled at each other, we had fucking dynamite thrown at us, played in front of a 40-year old punk audience.... Memorable stuff, really. The highlight was playing the Positively Negative fest last week, where we played OK but not at our best perhaps. We'll make that right very very soon. Promise.

Our 1st ever Tee - awwwwww..!
So My Turn will continue to play shows off the demo and we might do a special edition re-print CD-R. It should be cool. We'll see! For now all we can say is that we're psyched but will take a short break during the holidays to tend to our personal lives and other hardcore activities. We got a busy January: 3-4 local shows and one in Milan, so we gotta be pumped for that! Oh, like I said the demo's sold out, you can have it for free now: It includes the lyrics, covers etc so go for it. Do your thing and help us spread the word!

NOX is also moving on fast with the XVX project about straight edge and veganism/vegetarianism in Greece. What started out as an idea for an article in someone else's blog is starting to evolve and become a full blown out documentation of an underground but very passionate scene. It will come out as a leaflet/fanzine that will have interviews with people who are active in the Greek XVX scene. Let's see what will come out and if people will care... I hope they will!

So what's been on the stero/mp3 player while all that stuff happened? In other words, what did we use as fuel to stay real posi in these uber negative times? For me, it has been a lot of Set Your Goals (through and through, all their albums), Shelter's "Eternal" (found it at last!) and a lot of XVX hardcore (for the aforementioned reasons). Oh yeah, and Metal. There you go, I said it. Metal. I am trying to grasp the whole pop-punk/metal phenomenon that's going on out there and some of it is so addictive it won't let me change the repeat button... damn! Top it all off with crazy amounts of vegetarian junkfood and a healthy (?) dose of coffee everyday, and you got NOX December 2010! Thanks yall!!!

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