Monday, 29 November 2010

NOX Records - November 2010 Newsletter

What's up everyone!?

NOX has been doing great. My Turn's "Noble Intentions" demo (NOX #01) is going really well and that's something that matters to me, as I play guitar for them :). It's not at all about the money, it's about your band doing well and people liking it. It's a great feeling. I love the guys in the band and all we've done so far... and the best is yet to come!

Aside from playing with My Turn I have been busy with my fanzine, Take Your Shot. That bastard needs to be out asap! I've delayed it like crazy and I just wanna be done with it.

As for the present and/or future of NOX? Well I am working on a small publication (yet unnamed), which deals with veganism and straight edge in Greece. Right now I am in the process of interviewing people for it. If you are vegan and/or sXe and you want to take part in this interview (or the whole project itself), then contact me:

Other than that, life has been pretty crazy and awesome and we have been busy listening to the following for good vibes supply: Shelter, the new Suicidal Tendencies and Decision Final (melodic krishnacore from Peru). Track it down and listen to it if you like positive melodic hardcore/punk rock! They don't put out music like this out anymore!

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