Nightowl X (also known as Night Owl Hex or NOX) was founded in October 2010 in Athens, Greece as a small DIY record label and indie publisher.

Since then, the label has ventured in the two following directions:

  • music - our focus is to release intense and aggressive, independent hardcore music. This usually happens limited edition prints (mainly cassette tapes) with all-new artwork. So far, our releases are tape re-issues of records that have been perviously released on CD or vinyl.
  • press - we have put out (and helped put out) a number of fanzines, brochures, leaflets etc around various issues around the hardcore scene. We also aim to release more art-oriented fanzines and visual art that escapes the monotony of HC aesthetics.
We are based on a vegan straightedge philosophy and sometimes happen to promote it through our activities, without it being the only or foremost reason behind what we do.

We may keep our releases kind of sparse and underground, but we always keep an eye out for new art media, music, writers etc to cooperate with.

Maybe you want to check some other interesting stuff we do:
  • VSXE Athens (frequently updated journal about vegan & sxe news)
  • Take Your Shot fanzine (Greek hc/metal fanzine since 2004!)