NOX #2 - xSacred Lifex - "A Zine About the Vegan Straight Edge Movement" (100 copies)

Night Owl X strikes back with this vegan straightedge, 12-page publication which documents the movement in Greece and beyond. This totally old school looking, cut n paste fanzine goes through a series of interviews with Greek people who are active in the local scene and embrace this particular lifestyle. The interviewees expand their views on various personal and socio-political matters (militance/activism, animal liberation etc). The zine also contains two extra interviews: one with US animal rights activist Peter Young and one with Fabio Raffaeli from the legendary vegan edge band xDestroy Babylonx. All in all, xSacred Lifex is a fresh outlook on the current state of the vegan straight edge movement which balances out militance with positivity! Additional info: 1st press 100 copies, November 2011.

NOX #1 - My Turn - "Noble Intentions" Demo Tape (yellow tape, ltd to 60 pcs)

The 1st Night Owl X release is the special edition tape of My Turn's 2010 'Noble Intentions' demo. My Turn is a new Athenian hardcore band comprised of dudes who've played in various other HC and punk bands in their past. They play a form of modern energetic hardcore, drawing influences from both Black Flag and Youth Of Today, creating a dirty yet melodic and youthful mix of 'metal-free' hardcore music. My Turn has played around 30 shows in one short year and have supported bands like No Turning Back, Comeback Kid, Trial, Anchor & more, including shows outside of Greece (Bulgaria, Italy, Germany). This is a special edition tape sold out shortly after its release. Additional info: the print run was limited to 60 pieces, yellow tape, and came with a color insert, lyrics, and a sticker. Co-released with World's Appreciated Kitsch Records.

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