Friday, 4 November 2011

xSacred Lifex Zine Preview

So... Yes, we've been AWOL for the past few months. It's how things happen around here, for better or for worse. After all, I always want to keep Night Owl X underground and hidden, and only come out when stuff happens!

However, we are back and we have some news. Our (long ago promised) zine about the vegan straight edge movement is here and will hit the streets next week! It's called xSacred Lifex and it's just awesome so get ready to read it!

I am so psyched to bring this zine to you. It features interviews with Greek VSXE kids as well as an interview with animal rights activist Peter Young and another one with xDestroy Babylonx singer, Fabio. It deals with many issues around veganism and straight edge which make for an interesting read and not only for people who are necessarily VSXE.

We also plan to distribute some more vegan, veganarchy and sraight edge zines / music in the near future. Night Owl X is back from its slumber with tons of positivity!

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