Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Night Owl X Says Goodbye...

Well, updates have been very scarce here... I have to be true to myself and you; even though it's awesome to run a label (small as it is), there's no chance I'll ever have the time to run or promote this site properly.

Therefore I decided - not to call it quits of course - but to shift things over to Take Your Shot (my fanzine/blog/), which is my main way of dealing with hardcore anyways. From there, I'll be able to run things from one place and not spread myself so thin anymore.

OK--so this might be the end of Night Owl X, but things will have a better and more concise continuation  through Take Your Shot. The number of releases will not start from #01 all over again, but will continue normally, from Take Your Shot  #04.

Right... so thank all of you for dropping by since October 2010, see you at Take Your Shot!!!

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